I am a full time professional photographer who loves to capture fine art images of people that show the story and emotions of life. Since I am full time, my schedule is very open and my turn around time is usually relatively fast. Wedding and related work is my favorite as I love capturing the joy and the love that couples have for each other. I strive for a turn around time of two weeks or less although I will often produce and publish a few wedding images in the following few days. I also welcome the challenge of shooting a variety of events and commercial work including fashion, product, food and even real estate. I can shoot and edit in a variety of different styles from a classic clean to vintage to more of an artsy finish. The number of galleries will show the diversity of my work. You will see a lot of fashion as that has always been a love of mine.
I have been published in a large variety of publications ranging from CNN, People, WWD, Instyle to local magazines and newspapers. I have awards as well BUT to me it is totally unimportant. What is important is making my clients thrilled with the images I provide them. The images and their beauty and the memory are what matter.
As far as the team I work with, its not a husband or wife of mine but photography pros in the area that I have chosen to work with. These people typically have their own established photography businesses and are full time too.