Engagement Shoot Images and Style - There are oodles of ideas of different things to do for your engagement shoot. My primary goal is to show the love that you have for each other and the fun you have together. Please do not think of me as a one trick pony who can or will shoot only in one style. Do you love a vintage styling? You love greyscale images? You want it totally photojournalistic or prefer I direct more? I can shoot in a variety of styles and I have put together an inspiration board of images on Pinterest here www.pinterest.com/sterlingfx/engagement-wedding-bridal-shot-ideas/ Yes I am creative but it is more likely that I will be creative in the way you want if you help guide me in that direction. I do not have a bunch of props however so if you want something like that, please bring it.

Time & Date - The best time of the day to shoot is late in the day. 2-3 hours prior to sunset is when I normally start and often the first 30 minutes to an hour is just getting warmed up. Sometimes it is fun to run into the night as lighting can be fun and dramatic then. I ask that you avoid trying to book your shoot on a Saturday. As you know, most weddings are on Saturdays and I like to leave that day open as sometimes bookings come up at the last minute.

Makeup & Hair (MUAH) - Most future brides have makeup and hair done and often this is used as a trial run for your bridal MUAH. Do not wait till the last minute to find the person to do this work. The best are often booked up way in advance. I can provide a variety of names to you of people I have worked with and trust if you want. Do make it very clear what you want and I prefer you to provide pictures of the hair/makeup to act as a guide. Here is a pinterest link that has lots of looks www.pinterest.com/watterswtoo/bridal-beauty/

Weather - Engagement shoots are often done outside or at least partially outside. Its important that we not only keep an eye on the weather but if there is a tight timeframe, to have a backup plan/date in place. Personally, I'd much rather postpone a shoot than take mediocre images.

Wardrobe - I don't think there is too much or too little you can do in this area. I've had one bride who made her own long tulle skirt. I've had other people come in shorts. Its all about what you want. HOWEVER, in my opinion, extraordinary images are created by combining extraordinary elements and one of those is wardrobe. I would rather you bring too many options than too few. I think its great to do both casual and formal. Accessories are sometimes key in adding that special touch. Here is a fun link that demonstrates some ideas. http://www.praisewedding.com/archives/5632