Weddings pricing is typically customized because of the large range in what people are looking for in photography for their special day. Please do not try to be too budget conscious and cut too much or even worse, tell me that it is a smaller deal than it actually is. I charge and staff fairly to fit the wedding event as I want to make sure that it is covered appropriately. I rarely shoot even a small wedding with just one photographer as I have learned that the images are simply better when there are at least 2 of us. It allows us to be less obtrusive as there is less need for a photographer to be moving and repositioning themselves constantly for different viewpoints and for picking the BEST photo at that given instant later.

A typical medium to large wedding is $3300 with 2 photographers for approx 8 hours of coverage and includes a premium level engagement session. Saturday weddings are $300 more which is included in the price above. With this package, I often have a third photographer too. I also often am consulted in helping to plan the timeframe and offer advice and help where needed. Depending on the venue, we may visit the ceremony location and the reception location beforehand. We use all our pro equipment and lighting when needed. Additional time beyond the 8 hrs will be $175/hr for one photographer and $250/hr for two. Often one or two of the additional photographers can arrive later as the first photographer arrives for catching the bridal party and their getting ready activities.

A small simple 2hr wedding event with one photographer and basic coverage could be just $800. Basically, there is no consultation and no prep of any sort for a small wedding like that. With large weddings, we are definitely more involved. Our time starts when we are told to be there which should allow for setup time. Asking us to start shooting at the time the ceremony is scheduled to start is simply not possible. Typically we plan on arriving about ½ hr before the ceremony at a minimum.

Any albums and prints are priced separately because there are so many options to choose from. I want to give you what you want and not what is the cheapest to include in a package. I keep my markup to a reasonable amount on all items.

I provide digital files for all my shoots typically via dropbox or through online galleries here. Through the online galleries, you have the option of ordering prints of virtually any type.  I have also recently added the capability of doing a “live” gallery through Adobe and their software where you can select images and view through their system. I may very well do all three options. I’m happy to leave your files in Dropbox for a month or two but remember to copy them to your computer. I do try to keep all of my images for virtually forever but even with the most carefully laid plans, things happen. Keep a copy of the images yourself, have your relatives download them, store them on a cloud backup too. The more copies are out there, the better the chance that you will never lose them.

I work with great makeup and hair people that I can put you in touch with but I ask that you pay them directly. If I included those services in my packages, I would have to charge sales tax on that total versus just on my part.

Engagement Shoots

Shoots that are priced separately are $495 for a regular session with one location for up to two hours. $695 for a premium session of two or more close by locations for up to 4 hours. Wardrobe changes are limited by what you want and by the time limit. If there are expenses for a location you want to shoot at, they are additional. I also offer bringing a second shooter along for the engagement versus just having an assistant. Its $200 extra for the regular session but having another set of eyes and ideas really will push the session to a new level of creativity and what we will do. Plus, the candid shots from the side often are cool to!

Add sales tax(8.25%) to all prices.

Payments are due in full by the time of the shoot.

Deposit May be required.