Best Photographer for a wedding...or any occasion

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Sterling Steves, who I believe to not only be an extremely talented photographer (a pleasure to watch as he finds the perfect light and perfect shots) but really a true artist.

There is an obvious reason he does fashion and commercial work; just look at his work on the website or on his facebook page ( but it is a blessing to all of us that he is still enjoys and is willing to do weddings and other special occasions when he is available.

If you are looking for mediocre, he is not for you. If you are OK with i-phone pics, you are missing out. He can pretty much make anyone look amazing.

Happy newlyweds with more amazing pics than we could have imagined,

Ashlye & Robert Harris


I have worked with Sterling before on multiple occasions so it was a no brainer to use him for our wedding. He was truly professional and made sure to incorporate what I wanted as well as get shots he though would look good. He did a great job catching every moment evens things i never would of thought up. Would definitely recommend him for any pf your photo needs



Sterling was very professional and got some amazing shots!!! He brought along two other photographers to make sure that they didn't miss anything. It's almost easier to sit back and let Sterling guide you because his eye is incredible and he knows what he is doing! You won't be disappointed. I had several guests ask me after the wedding who my photographer was because they had enjoyed his personality and they, too, felt that he and his co-photographers had done a wonderful job.



He came in ready, had ideas on what photos he wanted to take and listened to our ideas. I had photos the very next day! They were beautiful and tasteful.



Sterling was absolutely amazing to work with. He asked what our vision was and made it happen. He took so many beautiful pictures and made sure everyone was having fun. Every person that met him said how much fun he was. Separately, every person who saw our engagement and wedding photos were blown away by the precision and beautiful and unique style. We could not have been happier with our photos.

Delaney Allison


Sterling is amazing! I have worked with him on numbers editorial photo-shoots. He always has great professional models, has a think out of the box vision and is always ready to try new and groundbreaking techniques. He knows his stuff and will work with you till you get exactly the pose and print you are looking for.

Tamara Spivey-Lane


I recently hired Sterling for a headshot I needed for membership in a local organization and to use on professional websites like Linked in. Sterling was able to capture my personality perfectly. He also made me feel at ease during our session. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend Sterling for any type of photography.

Mary Collins


Sterling is a remarkable photographer. He brings a sensitivity and creativity to his work that I seldom see. He deserves every one of those five stars for his work. As a professional shooter myself, I will say that he does shots I could not or would not think to do - for me this is part of the mark I set for gauging quality. His knowledge and understanding of working with clients always delivers more than is expected.

LightCatcher Winery


I have worked with Sterling Steves on numerous occasions. He is a joy to work with and captures beautiful candid photos while utilizing his interesting and artistic perspective in photography. Sterling really listens to the client and follows through on what you want in your photography needs. He has consistently shown to be reliable, articulate, hardworking, professional and communicates well. SterlingFX Photography is an excellent choice in all your photography needs!

Britt Harless


Sterling Steves is one of the best photographers in DFW!! His pictures captured the essence of the ambiance whether is a party, fashion show or people! I highly recommend Sterling for any photography work that you may need! He is an expert and knows what he is doing! He photographed a fashion show for the AIDS Outreach Center in Fort Worth! He did an amazing job and AOC is very thankful for his amazing pictures! And did I mention that Sterling is super nice and easy to work with?! Well, now you know!

Jhonatan A.


Always a wonderful experience when working with Sterling Steves!!! Never been let down, the pictures always turn out fabulous! Such a great guy.

Kit J.


I have been modeling for 4 years and have had the pleasure of working with Sterling FX Photography for 3 years. My experience with Sterling FX Photography has been very professional. For example, photoshoots are organized, punctual, and touch ups and photos are complete right away. Sterling is extremely talented and his photos capture so much emotion. I can attest to Sterling's photography, to be a direct expression of his creativity.

Sierra L.


Sterling Steves is a passionate and professional photographer whose work speaks for itself. You need him in your life!

Lulu A.


We had a great experience with Sterling in 2012 and early this year. He was our photographer for a project that involved 3 students assemblies in 3 different schools. He was able to capture the essence of the project and was very flexible with our directions. We also got the pictures very fast.

He is great to work with and his photography is very professional. When in Dallas Sterling is the best.

Jacqueline O.


Sterling T. Steves is the difference maker when it comes to documenting my work. The last time he shot for me, the images were chosen by Dallas Morning News for publication. He is the best photographer I have ever used!

Michael Christopher M.


Worked before the shoot and after to ensure that every image was perfect. Helped with the selection of models, locations, and time that would best fit the collection being photographed. I've worked with Sterling in various settings and every time is an absolute joy!

Jesse T.


I worked with Sterling Steves many times and each time is a new and wonderful experiences! He is very funny, professional, and a wonderful photographer! my images always turn out excellent and I never once was disappointed after working with Sterling! I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to get some professional images taken. After all, who wouldn't want to have fun and have awesome pictures at the same time? :)

Thao-My N.


Sterling is professional and skilled at his craft. His images are stellar and his signature style is distinctly recognizable which sets him apart from the masses of photographers in the area. As a fashion designer images are everything and there is no one I'd rather shoot my collection than this guy.

Shawn F.


I have worked with Sterling Steves many times in different kinds of assignments; from look-book photo shoots, to events coverage, and corporate photography projects, and every single time Sterling has exceeded my expectations. He is extremely responsible, collaborative, and resourceful - all of the above on top of delivering a final product of outstanding quality. Sterling goes above and beyond, (and I really mean above and beyond), to ensure that his clients receive an exceptional service and an excellent final product in the fastest time possible. That is the kind of work ethic and level of passion for the work you do that money can’t buy, which is what makes Sterling a one-of-a-kind photographer.

Ivonne K.


Sterling Steves is one of the most reliable and creative photographers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, there is nothing that Sterling cannot capture and bring to life!

Matthew JC


Sterling is the best photographer we have worked with. He is professional on a shoot, and still fun. He is an extremely dedicated photographer who will go to great lengths to get the perfect shot! He knows light, too! We have done some fashion shows with dismal lighting and Sterling's images come out looking perfect! He not only takes photos in any lighting situation, he also is amazing with his photoshop skills, from very minimal touchups to amazingly creative, artistic creations. He goes above and beyond to make sure the client is pleased with his work throughout the entire process, from the planning stage, to the photo shoot, to the editing process to the delivery of the final images. We have worked with other photographers, but always prefer Sterling. And I am always thrilled when Sterling is photographing any fashion show we are involved in!

Catherine E.


Wow! This is my reaction to Sterling's magical and inspiring photos! I have worked with Sterling numerous times, each time he is very professional and provides outstanding photos. I can also count on Sterling to be at every major event in the industry with his smiling and happy demeanor.

Jordan G.


Sterling is a truly gifted photographer. I have done two photo sittings with him. The first was outdoors in a sculpture garden. He used battery powered lights which, combined with the late afternoon sun and Sterling's genius in framing each shot, made me look gorgeous and twenty years younger. Best photo portraits I've ever had taken, just amazing. The second sitting was for family portraits in a studio. Sterling was so patient and friendly with my camera-shy teen boys. He let them goof around with funny hats and comic poses and then captured some great formal portraits with fabulous smiles. Sterling is also a genius with photoshop effects and his shots of professional models look ready for the cover of Vogue. His pricing model is also really great. Instead of charging a separate fee for each print, he provided the whole set of digital images from the entire shoot--hundreds of them-- for one very reasonable fixed price which includes the sitting fee. He also provided digital touch-up via photoshop on my most favorite shots. I plan to keep coming back!

Robin S.


I have had the pleasure to work with sterling on more than one occasion. He is an amazing photographer and has taken some of the best pics in my port!:). He has amazing work for a reasonable price. I would highly recomend sterling

Kassi H.


Sterling was so wonderful to work with! And he is the best retoucher around! I'm looking forward to working with him again!

Sara H.