Following a shoot, I typically get a draft of the images for you to select which are your favorites. Please select the best one from each similar group - not almost identical images. If the photos are close to identical, I will assume you can't decide and want me to choose. 

Number of shots that are typically significantly retouched are:

Headshot Session - 4 (two casual and two formal)

Senior Session - 10-15

Family Session - 15-20

Boudoir Session - 10-15

Engagement Session - 15-20 for basic session and 20-30 for an expanded session

Weddings vary depending on whether you are getting an album or not. Weddings are substantially about telling a story so there will be many more images delivered. 

The larger the face is in the image, the more demanding the retouching is as far more detail shows close up than from far away.

IF you want more than that as far as the number of retouched images - thats fine. There are two alternatives. First, you can simply pay an additional amount. Or, I can do a lighter amount of retouching on each image.

Gallery Options

I have different ways of sharing a draft gallery of images for you to make selections and sometimes to order prints.  I have client galleries on this site that I will create. Typically I use the galleries there for sessions where the images are generally edited and ready to be printed or downloaded. I have used them for client selections too though. There is a huge number of products available.

I also can create a gallery through Adobe and you have the option to "heart" an image and comment on it. Yes, you have to create and Adobe ID. Typical comments are "smooth my skin" or "bring my tummy in".  These are things I typically do when I retouch but it is always good to know that this is a particular area that you want worked on. Once you are finished choosing the images, please let me know as currently I have no way of being notified if you have liked or commented on images. Once you let me know, I go and mark the images that you chose. If you go back and heart more images after I have marked the images, I will not necessarily notice so you need to tell me. 

Completed retouched images are placed in a different gallery on my website where you will be able to download the image or order prints or other products. I will also place some on Dropbox in certain situations or if you ask me to do so. 

If you have a deadline for getting the images done, let me know. I will do what i can. Most of my work is not needed urgently so I can usually get on something needed quickly.

IF we use Dropbox for this process, IT IS NOT permanent storage. You need to download and store the images on your computer. You can also share those images with others and have them download images too. If this is a wedding, please remember that the images are provided free to the bride and groom. If guests attending the wedding would like prints or images, please have them order them from me on my website galleries.