There is a surcharge because I get business by people seeing my work. Yes, I have what I think is a great portfolio already but if I stop posting new work on my feed or adding to my portfolio, people will sometimes either forget about me or never know I do what I do or assume my business is failing.

I also am given extra motivation to do my best work knowing that potential clients will be seeing my work.

If you want me to hold off on posting images for even a short while, it cuts into potential business for me.

The reality is that if you have guests, they will have cell phones and they will be taking pictures and posting them. You will most likely have a flood of them starting during the wedding and until the next day for those guests who bring their own cameras. If you don't want people to tag you, turn that option off in your facebook settings. You can prevent people from posting on your timeline there too.

I have no set protocol for whether I tag someone in pictures myself. I basically try to guess if you will want me to or not. If I tag you and you don't want to be tagged, please untag yourself or let me know.