Photoshoot PhotoBooth
(manned and shot full time - really more of a photoshoot style setup)

On site $500 for first two hours and $150/hr for additional hours.
If bundled in with other services that total $500 or more, you can take $100 off the total.
4x6" images or Photostrips included in that service

If bundled in with other services that total $500 or more,  $100 off the total.
We will need access at a minimum to electricity, a small table (4x2) and a chair.

Ideal Setup
15' length and 12' width shooting and setup area with the prop table being outside this area.
There would be two 8' tables- one specifically for all the props so they can be spread out and the other for the computer, display, and printer. Also, a tall chair for the photographer shooting and a regular chair for the person helping with selecting the images and printing.
Chromakey background requires a touch more room than a standard background because people need to be a few feet away from the background for the chromakey to work well.
If we will be shooting upper body only or just very small groups (max 4 people),
the shooting area can be smaller.

Other sizes will be extra. All images must be printed within the timeframe - we don't include extra printing beyond the specified time.

Add sales tax to all prices.

25% Surcharge if images are restricted from portfolio/social media/website use by photographer

Payments are due in full by the time of the shoot.

Deposit May be required.